We at Witnessing Nature provide whole organic food through personal chef services. Don’t have time to cook but still want to provide your guests with healthy, delicious options at your next party? I cook in your home or cater, bringing already prepared dishes for you and your guests to enjoy, allowing you to spend time connecting and building relationships!

Our cooking classes can be utilized as a team building exercise, a fun date night, an opportunity to meet new people, or they are for those who just want to learn how to create amazing meals! We always use whole organic food, incorporating lots of laughter and fun, all while learning some tips and tricks along the way.

Everything Philosophy
As humans, we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals throughout our day to day lives - many of which we apply directly on our bodies, especially here in the United States. Unfortunately, we have yet to embrace the practices of nations like the EU where they have banned over 1,500 chemicals and toxins from their personal products, food and environment.  So, we must search and hunt for clean products and decipher the U.S. marketing techniques that make it so confusing for all of us.  Words like “natural” are used in marketing to mislead the buyer, implying products are organic or non-GMO. In reality, “natural” does not imply  much aside from the consultation of a marketing team to utilize key words making us feel better about what we are eating. 
In addition to the food we eat, we need to be conscientious of the products we put on our bodies. The skin is the largest human organ and some people apply at least 10 products to it all before leaving the house in the morning. While it is harder to control what is in the air, we can control everything we put on and in our body.  I can help show you how to use clean products for everything from shampoo, to lotions and cosmetics.  Environmental Working Group is a very helpful resource and application you can download to your devices to assist you in determining if what you use is hazardous or not, which is crucial due to the fact that companies are not mandated to report or register all of the chemicals in their products.  For personal care products, I use and recommend Beautycounter as they carefully screen and select exactly what goes into their products. They have even banned some 1,500 questionable and/or harmful ingredients from their production and report all ingredients which have been verified by Environmental Working Group. For house cleaning products, both 7th Generation and Melaleuca are exemplary companies in their efforts of providing the consumer with all of the information in addition to being environmentally conscientious. 

Food Philosophy
Have you ever experienced that restorative, rejuvenated feeling after eating a fresh and healthy meal? I am constantly reminded that the body will heal itself provided we give it good, whole organic foods in addition to exercise.  I am an advocate for awesome, nourishing meals without excess sugar, heavy oils or high fat. Much of my influence comes from French cuisine because I appreciate their deep, historical understanding of gastronomy and complimentary flavors.  Not once have I left a French meal feeling unsatisfied from the nose to the mouth to the stomach.  I use these ideas and incorporate them into my cooking to provide you with an amazing gastronomical experience that you can share with each and every person in your life.

My style of cooking is French and Italian influenced American Simple Healthy Cooking. Say that 10 times fast.... I spent a lot of time in France incorporating how to paying attention to elegance of food and perfection in flavor structures.

I look forward to serving you soon!

Enjoy and Namaste!

Witnessing Nature, LLC (Food & Photos & All Things Natural)


For the past 30 years, I’ve spent weeks, months, and years traveling to international locations. This lead me to develop a passion for different cultures and developing personal relationships with the people I met around the world. Being a Chef and an Engineer, I have always wanted to know how things work and are done, which drove me to take cooking classes and cook along side my friends and chefs in many parts of the world. These experiences and these amazing people have helped me to understand local culture through local food.  Local food is quite different than the food served in restaurants which is why I love to spend my time in the neighborhoods appreciating the local living and partake in the local customs, food and open air markets.  This has helped build my enjoyment of simple, clean and organic foods, which is what I wish to share with each of you. It is my mission to create awesome, flavorful meals without additives, sugars or heavy sauces and high fat.  You can utilize clean natural food without GMO, pesticides, growth hormones, or antibiotics - foods that are grown the way nature intended.  Enjoy & share with your friends.  

Distinct Ingredients, Organically Grown, Cleanly Made!!