I've been a chef for almost 23 years, however never intended to be a Chef for a Career.  Being a perfectionist I went to school because my son's 2nd grade Mother's Day card said 2 pages of wonderful things about me being his mom - however he hated my cooking.  Being a perfectionist, I went to culinary school.  

I spent 30+ years traveling the globe and working in Corporate America.  I developed a passion for local and community from every place I have visited.  Shopping local markets and learning from Friends and Chefs around the world.  

October of 2015 I started Witnessing Nature In Food to bring Whole Organic Locally Sourced Food to my community.  You guys don't have to worry that Yummy Healthy Food is hard to find and it comes full of nutrition for you and your community.  

I am Dedicated to building a Health IS Wealth Community.  So we can live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives no matter our income bracket.  

We are an Organic Food Full Service Catering Company.  We are Deliberate in using Distinct Ingredients, Organically Grown and Cleanly Made in all aspects of Delivering Food and Education.  We help to understand and shift our relationship with healthy food through food services and educational seminars/cooking classes; Promoting Locally Sourced Organic, Sustainable Food providing you and your community a Fantastic Experience for all of your Celebration Needs.  After all we commune best over and around food - so it should be Food To Love!

My style of cooking is French and Italian influenced Simple Healthy American Cooking. Say that 10 times fast.... I spent a lot of time in France incorporating how to paying attention to elegance of food and perfection in flavor structures.  

I look forward to serving you soon!

Enjoy and Namaste!

Chef Jennifer
Witnessing Nature In Food

Distinct Ingredients, Organically Grown, Cleanly Made!!