weekly meal pREP/PLAN

Don't have the time or want to cook?
Want nourishing meals quickly so you can relax? 
We have a plan flexible and customized just for you!

Do you need a full week of meals?  You prefer to eat in than to eat out?
Or Have Special Dietary Needs with a Prescribed Diet?

Choose from Standard, Paleo and Vegan
3 Day - 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks
4 Day - 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks

Need More Flexible Meals?

You eat out a couple dinners a week?  Choose the 5 Dinners Meal Prep Option
5 Dinners for 2

Are you busy Traveling or Networking several evenings a week?

We have Dinner for 2 à-la-Cart

Are you needing 2 Lunches a Week for Peak Performance Days in the Office or
Working on a Project and Need Focus?  Pick Lunch and Snack for 2 Days

Need a full day of Peak Performance Eating? Pick the All-Day Meals and Snacks for 2 Days.  You receive Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plus 2 Snacks per day 

Fully Committed to healthy meals every week? 
We have pay in advance programs where you will receive additional discounts and/or bonus items like Cooking Class in home for 4 or Chef Dinner in home for 4 depending on advance purchases.    Traveling on family vacation or business trip - Don't worry we are flexible?  Notify us to suspend the meals for that duration and we will start back up when you return. 

Order online and see all of the details at:

How it works:

Choose from Standard, Paleo, Vegan or list your Dietary Needs for more customization.

Meals Change every Monday with several Organic Healthy Options to select from
Meals arrive Prepared with instructions to warm or freeze
Meal containers are either recyclable or compostable packaging.  Just rinse and recycle or drop in the compost/garbage for sustainability in our communities

If you wish to Compost – contact RecycleCity.com and schedule your compost service – very reasonable pricing with weekly pick up and no smell containers



Distinct Ingredients, Organically Grown, Cleanly Made!!

Witnessing Nature In Food

is a committed 

We Compost, Recycle, or Return to Supplier before we send to the landfill  

2018 Landfill Diversion Stats

January        93.05%
February     93.12%
March          88.42%
April             91.55%
May              90.46%
June              91.99%
July               94.20%
August         97.35%
September  96.98%
October       96.53%
November   95.20%
December   95.89%

​We are a proud member of Local First Arizona When you support a local business you supp