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Witnessing Nature In Food

We Compost, Recycle, or Return to Supplier before we send to the landfill  

Landfill Diversion Stats

Q1/2017     93.05%
Q2/2017     93.12%
Q3/2017      88.42%
Q4/2017      91.55%    2017-91.54
Q1/2018      90.46%
Q2/2018      91.99%
Q3/2018      96.66%
Q4/2018      95.93%     2018-93.76
Q1/2019      96.98%
Q2/2019      97.41%       

Q3/2019      97.24%     2019-97.05
Oct/2019     99.79%
Nov/2019    98.99% 

Dec/2019​    99.39%    Q4 2019 - 99.46

                          Total   2019 - 97.77

2019 Accomplimentments:

     #1 - Team's Commitment for Reduce, Reuse,

             Donate, & Recycle

     #2 - Finding TerraCycle for Single Use Glove Recycling​​

We are a proud members of Local First Arizona When you support a local business you support all of our local suppliers.  Check out their new Green Business Program.  

​We have Solutions and The Team for You!

Catering Services - From Small Private to Large Events for Corporations, Charities and Life Events (Anniversaries, Weddings, etc) 

School Lunches - Healthy Habits start when we are young.  We prepare Nutrition Approved,  Kid Tested, Affordable School lunches for all ages. 

Meal Prep/Plans - Too Busy to Cook or Don't Like or Want to Cook?  No Worries We Will Do it For You and Your Family 

Thrive with Us - Health is Wealth - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Cooking Classes - Team building? Friends get together? Learn how to cook Amazing Foods?

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We commune around and with food so it should be 

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Our Mission is to Inspire, Create, and Celebrate Clean Organic Farm To Table Food so that Flavor, Health and Planet are loved each and every day.


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