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While I cannot control everything.   I do have control over what I put In and On my body and in my home.  

Everything we deliver is Reusable, Recyclable or Compostable.

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We commune around and with food so it should be 

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We are an\ Full Service Organic Food Catering Company; Dedicated to building a Health IS Wealth Community by providing you and your guests Nutrient Rich Organic Food for all of your Celebration Needs. 

We are Deliberate in using Distinct Ingredients, Organically Grown and Cleanly Made.  Promoting Locally Sourced Food. 

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Witnessing Nature In Food

is a committed 

We Compost, Recycle, or Return to Supplier before we send to the landfill  

2018 Landfill Diversion Stats

January        93.05%

February     93.12%

March          88.42%

April             91.55%

May              90.46%

June .            91.99%







Q2 - Goal of Program to Reuse Non-Served Food and delivery over 5 lbs of left over food to Homeless Shelters

​We are a proud member of Local First Arizona and when you support a local business you support all of our local suppliers.

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Distinct Ingredients, Organically Grown, Cleanly Made!!