FOOD is the COMMON LANGUAGE AROUND THE WORLD - We commune around and bring people together with food  

so it should be Food To Love!!

Organic Farm to Table, Chef Curated Meals with Love from Our Kitchen

Our Mission is to Inspire, Create, and Celebrate with Clean Organic Farm To Table Food so that Flavor, Health and Planet   are Loved each and every day.

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Welcome to Witnessing Nature in Food -Your Full Service Farm to Table Organic Caterers

We Reduce, Reuse, Compost, Recycle, Donate or Return to Supplier before we send to the landfill  

Landfill Diversion Stats
2020  - 99.85%
Jan 2021  - 99.98%

Feb 2021  - 99.94%

2020 Accomplimentments:

     #1 - Team's Continued Commitment for Reduce, Reuse,

             Donate, & Recycle​​

     #2 - Local First Scale Up - Working on Water for next

             reduction of use

     #3 - 2019 --> 2020 Year Over Year increase of 2.2% in

             Landfill Diversion - through Education & Terracycle

This = LESS THAN 15 lbs of landfill waste all year!!!

We are a proud members of Local First Arizona When you support a local business you support all of our local suppliers.  Check out their new Green Business Program.  

We Bring Your Vision to Life with Outstanding Farm to Table Food Experiences 

Attention to Detail, Flavor and Service

Let Us Take Things Off of Your Plate and Put them on Ours

Catering Services  - Let us help bring your Vision to Life!

Corporate Lunches & Catering - It's Hot outside, you're busy, nothing healthy nearby?  We will bring it to you!  Have a Picnic at Work with our meals!!

Meal Prep/Plans - Too Busy to Cook?  Just Had a Baby?  Let us take this off your plate and put it on ours so you can spend your precious time the way you want.

School Lunches - Healthy Habits start when we are young.  We prepare Nutrition Approved,  Kid Tested, Affordable School lunches for all ages. 

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Welcome to Witnessing Nature in Food -Your Full Service Organic Caterers

Distinct Ingredients, Organically Grown, Cleanly Made!!